DAVID B. JANG was born in Seoul, Korea, and currently lives in Los Angeles. He received a BFA from the College of Visual Arts, St Paul, Minnesota.  He is known for inventive kinetic installations that employ hacked consumer electronics and subverted household appliances. 

Consumer materials and electronics, with their lives' instructions literally coded into their motherboards, are the building blocks of Jang’s practice. He examines and remixes these codes to discover the hidden subtexts and hierarchies they uphold. By deconstructing, re-programming, and re-constituting industrial and commercial cast-offs, new relationships are revealed, described by critic Peter Frank as, “at once hilarious, frightening, charming, and strangely reassuring."

Jang states that contemporary relations between art, politics, technology, and science may be identified as a field of obsessions. By duplicating, multiplying, and unifying the diversity of human activity (represented by consumer materials and artifacts), he desires to experience contemporary human urban life. He is propelled by the notion of the redirection of short life cast off mechanical reproductions into genuine objects of supreme beauty. If consumer materials are becoming the new landscape, and its leavings permanent, then Jang desires to make them approachable, lovely, and infinite, instead of merely mechanical. He desires not just to make sense of them, but to make them venerable and meaningful, a reflection of human self-consciousness.

David B. Jang’s exhibitions have taken place nationally and internationally at: Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), Laguna Art Museum (California), Museum of Art and History (California), Nagasaki Museum of fine art (Japan), Paju kyoha art center (Korea), Shone-show Gallery (China), Heritage Art Center (Philippines), Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles), Palos Verdes Art Center (California), Los Angeles Art Association (Los Angeles), Seongbuk Cultural Foundation (Korea), Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion (San Francisco), Locust Projects (Miami), LA Art Show (Los Angeles), AAF (Germany, Netherlands, Canada). 

Jang has been featured in Wall Street International, Miami New Times, Art Ltd Magazine, HUFFINGTON POST ARTS, Review by art critic Peter Frank, Korean American Magazine, ARTPULSE Magazine, Pipeline international art magazine, Artillery Magazine, KCET Artbound, Korea Times, Coagula Art Magazine, California Contemporary Art Magazine, Art Week LA and Los Angeles Art Show Catalog.