KURT STALLAERT was born in 1969 in Belgium, where he lives and works.
After completing his studies at the Antwerp School of Photography, Stallaert was recruited by several top advertising agencies in Belgium. Since then, he has worked for international publicity agencies, such as Duval-Guillaume and TBWA, and has directed major advertising campaigns for Levis, Van Marcke, Humo, Telenet, Renault, and many others.  

Stallaert's imagery is inspired by common social and cultural matters, with an added touch of humor and irony. This can be seen in the project "Bodybuilders' World," a photographic series of muscled men, women, and children. His work elevates the everyday and commonplace through visually arresting treatments. In both his commercial and artistic practice, Stallaert creates elaborate settings in an attempt to reflect his own artistic language and the world of his imagination.  

These sensibilities prompted his recent path towards artistic experimentation with moving images. Stallaert's unique approach to the image combines aspects of both film and photography, though never quite settles as either. With the use of a  high-speed camera, his aim is to create extreme slow movement within a seemingly still picture, which offers the spectator the possibility of change inside a classically framed context. Without the narrative of a movie or the stillness of a photo, Stallaert's moving stills are a fusion of two mediums that always retain the image as the basis. A captivating visual meditation results, as the image changes subtly, but constantly. The spectator is afforded the possibility of a mode of perception that the human eye is not capable of in any real-life scenario.

Stallaert's exhibitions include: Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent (Belgium); Leonhard’s Gallery in Antwerp; Buda Art Center in Brussels (Belgium); Bratislava City Gallery (Slovakia) Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van Belgie (Belgium), Museum Boerhaave in Lieden (Netherlands).