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MIKE CHMIL is a multi-media artist, born in 1993, in Toronto, Ontario. At a young age he was drawn to the embodiment of underground culture and its pure self-expression. Growing up alongside the increase in technology, Chmil took interest in creating computer-generated works, valuing a modern transcendentalist method of learning by doing. Now working with acrylic paint and sculptural mediums, Chmil explores luxurious objects and spaces through an approach that encompasses simplicity and disorder. His work brings about spaces that are non-functioning as a result of their own excess, glorifying wealth while simultaneously condemning it. Chmil also looks at how technology mirrors the duality of these spaces, causing aspects of societal structures and human relationships to grow and breakdown through its advancement.

Recent exhibitions of Chmil's work include: Emily Carr Grad Show. ECUAD, in Vancouver, BC, Canada (2016); Built. House Show, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2016); Annual Fundraiser. Xpace, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2016).