TIMUR YORK is a New York-based artist, born in the former USSR. Since 2008, York’s work has focused on the examination of contemporary life through digital media and archival printing technology. His primary subjects of interest include time, place, and history. The ongoing series, "ICON XXI," aims to visually encapsulate contemporary experiences and occurrences facing humanity in the 21st century. The images feature universal graphic icons and symbols, such that they may be clearly understood across cultures, as well as offer a visual, non-verbal historical archive. York's imagery also serves as a commentary on the ubiquitous presence of computerization, and the ever-increasing role of mass-produced digital design aesthetic in our daily lives; all of which impacts how human beings perceive and interact with one another.

Timur York has won national and international competitions, exhibited in historical NY institutions, and has been featured on WNYC Public Radio. Permanent collections that have acquired his work include the outdoor display at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D.C. He was included in the documentary “Bushwick Diaries,” which features an eclectic group of Bushwick residents. York is also active in his community by serving as a creative director for the Bushwick Film Festival.